No trip to Sicily would be complete without trying authentic, mouth watering local Sicilian cuisine! Here are some “Must-Try” Sicilian foods and specialties to try on your next trip.


Arancino(pl.Arancini),in Palermo it is called Arancina(pl. Arancine)!
Arancino is the symbol of Sicily, and it is a rice ball worked with eggs and saffron, inside there is meat sauce and peas with stringy mozzarella. The arancino is fried after being passed in flour and breadcrumbs. There are many variants that also give the arancino a different shape, the classic one is round with a pointed shape and with italian ragù and mozzarella inside.
You can find all of them and try from Pasticceria Savia in Catania! Via Etnea, Catania


Granita in eastern Sicily is the classic summer breakfast and it is accompanied by brioches. It is made only of water, sugar and the relative taste chosen. However, if you have any intolerance you must first ask the ingredients because sometimes egg whites and / or thickeners can be used. The classical taste is Almond.
You must try it from Caffè Cipriani Piazza Lionardo Vigo in Acireale!

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  • Caffe Sicilia Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Noto
  • Bam BarVia di Giovanni, Taormina
  • PrestipinoPiazza Duomo, Catania


Almond milk is a typical drink that has an ancient process. Its ingredients are simple, just water, sugar and Almond paste.
You must try it from Caffè Concordia– Piazza Luigi Pirandello in Agrigento!


The skin of the Sicilian Cannolo is made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vinegar, salt, orange peel, marsala liqueur and cinnamon. The classic filling is ricotta with sugar and candied fruit and/or chocolate.
You must try it from Extra Pasticceria Bar Piana degli Albanesi in Palermo!

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  • Agatino FinocchiariaPiazza Umberto I, Avola (Siracusa)
  • Consigliodi SiciliaVia Casmene 79. Donnalucta, Ragusa


The Sicilian Street Food can be comfortably enjoyed sitting in some places where you can find ‘pane e panelle’, ‘pani ca meuza’, but also many first courses and main courses typical of the Sicilian tradition. So called because Nino moves quickly and seems to dance while preparing your delicious dishes and panini…
You must try them from Nino Ballerino
Corso C. Finocchiaro Aprile in Palermo!


The famous opera singer Maria Callas in the 50s came to sing the Norma at the Massimo Bellini theater in Catania. At the end of a show as she always used to do, the singer went to have dinner in a place where she asked for a typical dish of Catania and they presented her the pasta made with fresh tomato sauce, fried eggplants and salted ricotta. The singer
asked the name of that dish so good, but she was told that in Sicily typical dishes often do not have a name but that in her honor from that moment that pasta would be called ‘Pasta alla Norma’ in her honor.
You must try it from Trattoria La NormaVia Umberto, 256 in Catania!


Caponata is a Vegan dish consisting of onion, peppers, eggplants, celery, potatoes, olives and tomato, all fried together.
You must try it from Trattoria Ferro di Cavallo-Via Venezia 20 in Palermo!


GELATO: Sicilian ice cream is delicious, fresh and made with local ingredients. There are endless flavor varieties which include fresh fruit and nuts.
You will find the best gelato in all of all Italy from Gelateria Le Cupsidi- Via Cavour in Agrigento!

Pasticceria SaviaVia Etnea, Catania

Gelateria O’Sciality Piazza Sant’Antonio Abate,11 Taormina

Vogilia MatteCorso Umberto I, 34, Siracusa

Gelati di Vini20 Piazza Duomo, Ragusa


It is a crescent-shaped cake flour, butter, egg, sugar, cinnamon, lemon, vanilla, cocoa, chickpea flour, almond.
You must try it from La Bottega delle Cassatelle– Via Vittorio Emanuele 196 in Agira (Enna)!


Pasta with Pesto Trapani Style is with tomatoes, almonds, pecorino cheese, black pepper, basil, olive oil, red garlic and salt.
You must try it from Trattoria la Golosa in Trapani! Via Salemi, Trapani