Welcome to Taormina

Taormina is regarded as the most beautiful open sky living room of Sicily. This destination is a hilltop village enriched by a stunning view on Etna volcano and on the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea. In addition to the stunning and unforgettable views, Taormina boasts a very important record: it is located near one of the three tips which form the triangular shape of Sicily.

Taormina is, in fact, included in the province of Messina, just 45 km away from the Strait connecting the island to the Italian boot. The North East tip of this zone is called Cape Peloro or The Tip of the Lighthouse (Punta del Faro).

This town is also one the most relevant Greek settlements in Sicily. One of the most important results of this settlement is the Greek theater, namely the second largest Greek theater in Sicily after the one in Syracuse. The Greek theater was changed by the Romans and you can still see the picturesque “Naumachie”, red brick fountains which gave water to the ancient inhabitants of this settlement.

What to see and do

Taormina also offers you the opportunity to enjoy scenic alleys surrounded by likewise picturesque shops and ancient boutiques. You can find them on the main road (Umberto Street) and in secondary and narrow lanes where Sicilian artisans sell hard-to-find items, such as embroidery and the precious Sicilian lace. Thanks to them, you’ll have the sensation to travel back into time, into the XIX century.

Also walk along Umberto Street and reach the IX Aprile square. That is the main square of Taormina, artistically paved and surrounded by medieval churches and buildings. From the terrace of this square, you can just admire the view of Mount Etna and the sea.

Be careful: Taormina is not a sea town. To sunbathe, you must go down the bay of Giardini Naxos, the first Greek settlement of Sicily. Amid a pebbled and sandy beach, you can also see small boats anchored to the shore, as if Giardini Naxos was a lovely harbor. In this zone, another must see attraction is Isola Bella.

 In reality, that is not an island, but a rocky cliff you can reach on foot during the low tide. To return to the hill, you can take a cable car connecting the downtown of Taormina with the beach. Among many things to do in Taormina, don’t overlook to ride an uphill path which leads you to the picturesque medieval village of Castelmola. From the tower of the castle, you’ll see Taormina and its breathtaking landscape. They will remain imprinted in your heart forever.