Welcome to Syracuse

Syracuse is a destination with a timeless charm. It is a city located in the South East corner of Sicily and the capital of a namesake province that contains numerous Greek and Roman ruins. Today, Syracuse is a much visited destination in Sicily, but many tourist attractions of this city are still unknown. Come to discover them along with us.

What to see and do

To admire the glorious Greek past of the city, you must visit Neapolis Park, a large archaeological area. It contains the majestic Greek theater, tombs and the Roman amphitheater. While you walk amid these ruins, you’ll come cross the tomb of Archimedes and a long chain of grottos called latomie. They were used during the Greek age as prisons. Among them, the most impressive is the one called The Ear of Dionysius. It is said that tyrant Dionysus used this cave to hear the speeches of prisoners. This attraction took the name “Ear” because has just the shape of a huge ear. After completing the tour to the Greek area of Syracuse, a shuttle bus will take you to Ortigia Island, a piece of marvelous land linked to the city of Syracuse by a picturesque bridge

The downtown of Syracuse is the island of Ortigia. It offers you an overwhelming parade of shops, restaurants and a local market where you can enjoy all the wonderful food, drinks and the traditional souvenirs of Sicily. Also, walk the picturesque streets and go to the Jewish district of Giudecca. Here, you can still visit the ancient Jewish baths. On the highest tip of Ortigia, you can visit the Cathedral of Syracuse. Before becoming a Christian church, the building was a temple dedicated to goddess Athena. Along with it, another must see monument is the Temple of Apollo, a Greek building surrounded by columns and embellished by an evocative garden.

In the most ancient zone of Syracuse, your gaze will also be captured by Arethusa fountain. A water source born from an ancient Greek legend. Opposite to this legendary fountain, you’ll see the massive features of Maniace Castle. This building stands on the tip of the port of Ortigia and took the name from the Byzantine captain, Giorgio Maniace .The gleam of the sun and the sea makes the vision of the castle nearly magical. Syracuse is also in a favorable position to visit the charming villages of Noto, Avola, Marzamemi and the natural landscape of Anapo Valley. In the Anapo Valley lies the enigmatic Necropolis of Pantalica, a rocky archaeological site that contains nearly 5000 ancient tombs and burials of a Greek cemetery.

Sea promenade Ortigia island
Ear of Dionysius behind foliage