Welcome to Palermo

Have you ever seen dawn in Palermo, from the terrace of your hotel? Well, if you haven’t, now it is just time to see it. Indeed, in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, the sun rises from the depths of Mount Pellegrino. The sight is breathtaking. The mount is a promontory which surrounds the entire town. You can admire it from any zone of Palermo. You can also have dinner at your favorite restaurant while the sun sets behind this mount.

Yes, Palermo is wonderful by day and by night, with its territory divided by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the mountains of Madonie which give rise to the most beautiful and evocative landscape of Western Sicily.

This landscape forms Belice Valley. A long river stretches up to Trapani and Agrigento and the other lovely villages, such as Monreale. Where you can admire the Norman mosaics of the cathedral, the beach of San Vito Lo Capo and the medieval village of Erice.

Palermo is also the largest city of Sicily and the emblem of the Sicilian history and tradition. Indeed, the most powerful and ancient civilizations settled in Palermo in the past centuries. You can still observe the signs of the Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and the Spaniards in the palaces and churches of the city. The Norman Palace is the brightest symbol of Palermo and is a magnificent royal palace dating back to the IX century. Likewise, the magnificent Palatine chapel, is also an architectural jewel embellished with Norman, Arab and Byzantine mosaics. For this reason, Palermo is also known as the Arab-Norman city. The baroque architecture is rare in this city, while the signs of the Arab and Norman culture ooze from every street.

What to see and do

Among the things to do in this beautiful destination, you can see the following attractions: the Capuchin Chapel, which contains the mummified corpses of wealthy (adults and children) Sicilians and Saint Domenico Church. This church houses the tomb of prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, the Sicilian hero who fought the mafia, killed in 1992. There are not only history and culture in Palermo, but also picturesque lanes where you can also breathe all the scents of Sicily. Palermo is in fact also the capital of Sicilian gastronomy. The legendary cassata cake was invented by the nuns of Martorana convent, another attraction you must absolutely visit.

 In addition to that, another thing to do is a tour to the scenic Vucciria Market, a place where you’ll really enjoy all the charm of traditional Sicily’s products, amid merchants who offer you the best of Palermo with their lively Sicilian dialect.