Good Morning Travelers!

My name is Tamara, and I am from Glendale, AZ.

Living in the desert has inspired me to see the world; thus, I have an insatiable need to travel.

A few years ago, my husband and I went to Sicily to learn more about his ancestry. It was truly like no other place we had traveled to before, and we instantly fell in love! We explored several Sicilian cities from the East to the West. We visited several historic sites with beautiful baroque architecture; relaxed on some of the most stunning beaches; marveled at ancient Greek ruins; ate amazing local cuisine; and still found time for date night complimented by a delicious dinner at sunset on the Ionian Sea.

My love for Sicily gave me the desire to plan annual trips including our three young children, and help friends plan their first trips as well. So, I decided to create Come See Sicily, a place that will help open your traveling minds and hearts to new adventures and some incredible memories along the way.

Come See Sicily does for you what was once done for me: help you organize a trip to the largest Mediterranean island and embrace breathtaking views and historical landmarks like the Valley of the Temples.

I am here to offer services to travelers with interests in traditional Sicilian culture and history; indulging in mouthwatering cuisine; releasing their inner nature lover; or simply slowing down to relax on a (international) budget.
I have linked up with some of the best local companies for tours and accommodations that provide excursions with reliable service and passionate, specialized guides to show you all that Sicily has to offer.

We provide exceptional service, knowledge, and experience so clients can enjoy their vacations without worrying about the small things.
There are places you’ve never been that can feel just like home, sometimes better. That’s why I’m here.

Traveling is life. Welcome to Come See Sicily!